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Animation Supplies: Pegbars Click on the image to the right to see a pegbar chart to compare all peg bars.

These Plastic ACME pegs are industry standard plastic pegs for better registration. These pegs will not break. Available only in WHITE.  The Pegbar is 10" long with 1/8" thick backing and 5/16" high pegs  Acme Pegsbars have one elongated peg at each end and one round 1/4" peg in the center.

Price of 1: $3.99
price of 5: $18.75
price of 10: $37.50
price of 100: $299.00

You can save money by ordering in bulk. 100 or more will cost you $2.99 ea.

*UPS has a one lb. min. for, you can ship 20 pegbars for the same cost as one.

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