Basics of Perspective Book on CD (ONLY 1 LEFT)

Basics of Perspective DVD (3-disc set)
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Basics of Perspective Book on CD  by Brian Lemay
This CD contains all of the information that was on the previous 3 DVD Discs

All 3 have been condenced on one CD to make them

Easy to read and Easy to use to give you the vital information on perspective.

Disc 1: Brian explains what the horizon line is, field of vision, one point
perspective, two point perspective , and the intordution to three
point perspective, warp perspective and it's various appliecations to animation layout.

Disc 2: Shows you the entire step-by-step process of drawing a one
point perspective of a room from a floor plan reference. You'll see
him draw all the rough perspective lines that define the room itself
and then plot out the perspective of the furnature in the room.
He'll walk you through the clean-up process to produce the final layout drawing of the enviornment.

Disc 3: Shows you how to draw the same room using two point perspective.

Brian has been teaching animation since 1988 and has been working in
the animation industry since 1980. He has written 12 books on the various processes of animaiton
that you will also find on our sites.

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