Flipbook Studio 6 EDU (Download Only)

Flipbook Studio 6 EDU
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FlipBook is the foundation for all of the DigiCel products and is the leading pencil test program used throughout the industry.

It lets you scan, shoot or draw directly into the computer where the images are automatically positioned in the traditional exposure (timing) sheet with 6 levels and up to 1,000 frames and are ready for immediate playback.

Then while the scene is playing, you can adjust the timing between drawings and synchronize the soundtrack. And FlipBook creates standard Windows AVI files that can be played with any media player, posted on the internet, sent via email or recorded onto videotape, CD-ROM or DVD.

FlipBook Paint adds the ability to paint the scenes you created in FlipBook PT. It has very powerful painting tools and timing-saving features that go way beyond the basic point and click capabilities of other programs.

FlipBook Camera FX provides all the features of a traditional multi-plane so you can pan across a scene or zoom in to follow the action. You can also rotate blur and dissolve images through time to make the scenes more interesting. 

FlipBook 6 now has stop motion !
Stop Motion Animation is a general term like ice cream. And like ice cream stop motion animation comes in lots of flavors. If you make things out of clay and move them around it's called Claymation. If you cut out pictures and move them around it's call Cut-Out Animation. Another real easy one is Toymation. Regardless of what you want to work with, FlipBook will make it easier than you ever imagined. Just aim your camera and start clicking. Once software is installed it is non returnable and non refundable.

But FlipBook has a lot of features to help you when you're doing stop motion animation.
For simple stop motion animation you can capture your images directly into the background level of FlipBook’s exposure sheet where frames are automatically added as the scene gets longer and then play the scene back immediately with the sound track. Having the images in the exposure sheet makes it easy to see what’s going on in the scene and lets you edit the scene any way you want.

But you can also capture your animation into the foreground and key out any solid color so that you can superimpose your animation on to any type of background you want like a photo, a live action video or even 3D animation. Whether you’re substituting an alternate background or not, the most important thing about stop motion animation is to get your character’s movement right frame after frame. FlipBook gives you several ways to do this.

Posing a character on the computer takes way too much time because of all the controls that have to be manipulated, You can draw and animate a simple stick figure inside of Flipbook to represent my character and solve the performance in real time. When happy with the performance you can bring the FlipBook images into Maya as an ImagePlane and use them for reference for your CG version. Flipbook Studio

Minimum Requirements MAC OS X 10.4 (Tiger) G3+ or Intel Processor 256+ MB of RAM 20 GB Hard Drive Color Monitor (1024 X 768) 2-Button Mouse

Recommended Configuration: OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Core Duo-Intel-Based Mac 2G MB RAM 100+ GB Hard Drive 17" Color Monitor 1280 X 1024 Wacom Graphics Tablet

Minimum Requirements PC Windows 95 or newer Pentium class computer 256+ MB of RAM 20 GB Hard Drive Color Monitor (1024 X 768) Mouse

Recommended Configuration: Windows 7 & 8, XP P4 or Athlon Processor (2 GHz+) 2G MB RAM 100+ GB Hard Drive 17" Color Monitor 1280 X 1024 Wacom Graphics Tablet Who can order the educational specials?