Intro to Lip Sync Part 1 - "Meow" DVD

Intro to Lip Sync Part 1 - "Meow"(DVD)
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The first of a whole new DVD video series from Brian Lemay.
This DVD is an introduction to Character Lip Sync animation.
It's one hour packed with information to help you create your own animation of a character saying the word "meow".

This over-the-shoulder tutorial is ideal for the person who wants to learn more than the typical in-class lectures. You can follow along as Brian guides you through each and every step from plotting out and drawing your key poses, to timing charts, inbetweening and final pencil test.

This is a typical 2nd year college level animation assignment that would be given to introduce the student to the basics of Lip Sync. You can pause the DVD so that you can follow along and do the exact same steps to create your own character animation.