Lemay Learning Kits W/ DRAWING COURCE ON CD

Lemay Learning Kits W/PAPER, PENCILS & PEGBAR
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Animation Kits have been designed to help you learn the basic principles of animation through practical exercises.

The Animated Drawing Course IS ALSO KNOW AS
Designing Cartoon Characters for Animation vol. #2
and they are the same  (just the title on the cover is different)

Each Kit contains the lessons described plus these items;

  • 100 sheets of punched paper,
  • 2 red col-erase pencils,
  • 2 blue col-erase pencils,
  • 1 Alvin Eraser
  • 1 pegbar (acme or round)
  •  Drawing Course on CD

Perfect for those who are still in high school and want to ramp up their abilities before getting into a college level program or even those of you who already are in a college program. These assignments were designed to compliment the assignments given in most animation college programs around the world.

  • Kit #1-1 Beginner - Level 1 has 4 assignments: Perpetual Ball Bounce, Double Ball Bounce, Balloon Drop and Traveling Ball Bounce
  • Kit #2-1 Intermediate - Level 2 has 4 assignments: Arm Wave, Flag Wave, Water Wave and Tail Wag
If you are purchasing one or two kits, we highly advise purchasing the "The Basic Principles for Animation" on CD by Brian Lemay to give you some basic animation instruction to complete these assignment.

*We also recomend his book on CD "Basic Principles for Animation" for those who are not taking classes and need a foundation of information. Both can be found under Brian Lemay on our web site.
*Now availble are the companion DVD's for the learning kits.

Check out all of the DVD's by Brian Lemay to help with learning animation with an instructor.

These DVD's will make these kits that much easier to understand and enjoy.

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