Premium 10f starter kit
SKU: SKU00028

The newly redesigned line of Porta-Trace light boxes virtually eliminates the "hot spots" found in competitive units.

  • The single 8w bulb which is equal to a 40w incandescent bulb, illuminates the drawing surface evenly.
  • Durable Stainless Steel frame will maintain its attractive appearance for years
  •  reflectors combined with the thick Plexiglas top -
  • provide uniform and even lighting over the entire durable,
  • stable viewing surface,
  • peg bar is routed into the top of plexiglas
  • Supports 8.5"x11" 10F bond Animation Paper
  • with your choice of pegbar attached to the top (round or acme)
  • 100 sheets 10F 8 1/2" x 11" (punched) bond paper
  • 1 pencil kit ( 2 red, 2 blue COL-Erase Animation Pencils,
  • 1 Alvin Eraser
  • one extra pegbar for scanning

We remove the top and have a cavity cut into the top with a CnC cutter which is very accurate and expensive to we cut in bulk of 100 boxes at a time.

Second we use a speed nut to secure the wire foot that swings forward to allow you to use the box at an angle.
The speed nut secures the foot to keep it from falling off the box all the time...this was very important because you don't want the box to fall when it use and destroy your concentration and well as the drawing.

And lastly we add the pegbar of your choice into the cavity cut by the CnC machine. This allows the pegbar to sit flush to the drawing surface so the paper lays flush to the drawing surface. It is held in the cavity with double sided tape so that you may change to Acme or Round Pegbars as you choose.