Pro Series-Storyboards 100 shts

Pro Series-Storyboards (100 shts)
SKU: SKU00154

Pro Series-Storyboard Templates

  • offers Animators and Screen Writers a quick and easy way to show movement
  •  sequences of a story flow for Cartooning, Advertising, Film Making or Animation.
  • Storyboard Templates have three large image panels
  • 4 text lines below each for dialog and 4 text lines for the Action/Camera Moves/Fx.
  • Details on the page include: Your Studio Name, Artist Name,
  • Production Title, Sequence No., Scene No., Panel No Page No.,
  • and the Time/Frames or Footage.
  • This is the most complete storyboard pad ever.
  • Clean to look at, easy to read, and easy to follow.
  • A basic tool for every story teller to organize and communicate ideas and images with others.
  • 100 pages / Size 8.5 x 14 Padded.

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