Pro Series Thumbnail Storyboards 50 Shts

Pro Series Thumbnail Storyboards (50 Shts)
SKU: SKU00224-SB50

Pro Series Thumbnail Storyboard Template

  • with the larger format of 11" x 15"
  • 50 pages in each pack of "tear off" pages
  • 24 lb. paper that allow for a cost effective layout for every artist.
  • 3 rows of 5 image frames with
  • 3 rows of 5 note frames under each image frame
  • for a total of 15 of each per page
  • Quickly layout your image sequences to see the script come to life.
  • The note box below each image frame allows for directions to the camera man or dialogue to match each visual frame.
  • Easily identify each page with the scene number and the page number at the bottom right of each page.
  • The name of the artist is available in the space provided along with the name of the production.
  • A simple layout that is easy to read and easy to change before enlarging your thumbnails to full pages.
  • Another Pro Series Layout pad to make your life easier for teachers and storyboard artists.

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