Round Pegbar PLASTIC

SKU: SKU00036-RP

Our Lightfoot Ltd ROUND PEGBAR is now used by Disney Adventures and Disney Imagineering.

  • Animation Supplies: Pegbars 1/4" ROUND HOLE PEGBARS Made from molded plastic, this peg bar will not break. 10" long with 1/8" thick baking and 3 round 1/4" pegs that stand 5/16" high.
  • This round hole peg bar allows students to use Xerox paper for a fraction of the cost of animation paper.
  • Use a standard 3 hole punch to make your holes and students can carry their work home in a 3-ring binder.
  • You must use a 1/4" Round Hole Punch for a tight fit on the pegs.
  • There are 3 sizes for roung punches out there 9/32", 11/32" are both too large for the pegs.
  • You can save money by ordering in bulk. 100 or more will cost you $3.99 ea.

We also carry the 1/4" punch here on our web site to punch your own paper with the right size hole to fit these pegbars.

  • Price of 1: $4.99
  • price of 5: $23.75
  • price of 10: $47.50
  • price of 100: $399.00

*NOTE: UPS has a one lb. min. for, you can ship 20 pegbars for the same cost as one.

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