*10f Lightfoot Pro 20 lb 500 Shts

*10f Lightfoot Pro 20lb Animation Bond (500 Shts)
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*Lightfoot Pro 20 This matches the look and feel of Mohawk, has a Bright White Smooth surface that is a pleasure to work on.

Lightfoot Pro 20 (BRIGHT WHITE 98) Paper -A opaque bond 20 lb. paper

  • specifically formulated for use with today's advanced scanning technology.
  • It remains translucent for up to five layers when using a bottom light source, silky finish delivers clean lines and rich solids that will elevate your reputation.
  • The heavier weight helps prevent paper feeding errors when scanning.
  • Heavy enough to withstand pulling punched paper on and off of pegbars.

environmental characteristics:

  •  FSC® certified
  •  Member of EarthChoice® family of products • SFI Fiber Sourcing certified
  •  Made with Total Chlorine Free (TCF) and Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) virgin fiber content
  • 10% post-consumer, Process Chlorine Free (PCF) and lignin-free fiber
  •  Manufactured under alkaline (acid-free) conditions for increased longevity and performance

Lightfoot Pro 20 is the ideal canvas to showcase your most creative ideas.
10 Field 8.5" x 11"- 500 sheets ACME OR ROUND Punched

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