*12f Lightfoot Pro 20 LB. 100 shts

*12f Lightfoot Pro 20 Econ-O-Pack (100 shts)
SKU: SKU00287-100

*Lightfoot Pro 20 This matches the look and feel of Mohawk

  • has a Bright White Smooth surface that is a pleasure to work on.
  • Lightfoot Pro 20 (BRIGHT WHITE 98) Paper
  • A opaque bond (20 lb.)paper specifically formulated for use with today's advanced scanning technology.
  • It remains translucent for up to five layers when using a bottom light source
  • silky finish delivers clean lines and rich solids that will elevate your reputation.
  • The heavier weight helps prevent paper feeding errors when scanning.
  • Heavy enough to withstand pulling punched paper on and off of pegbars.
  • Lightfoot Pro 20 is the ideal canvas to showcase your most creative ideas.
  • 12 Field 10.5" x 12.5"- 500 sheets ACME OR ROUND Punched

*Schools can fax PO's to (951)693-5166