ANIMAL ESSENCE Art of Joe Weatherly (Only 4 Left)

ANIMAL ESSENCE the Art of Joe Weatherly volume1
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ANIMAL ESSENCE the Art of Joe Weatherly volume1 (Hard Cover)

Animal Essence is a look into the art world of animal painter and draftsman Joe Weatherly.

From sketchbook to studio, a bold expression of the dynamics of animal drawing and painting are presented.

This book not only showcases the art of Joe Weatherly but also provides valuable information and instructional advice on the making of animal art.

Compelling sketches along with developed drawings, and paintings are supported throughout the book with notes on process, materials, drawing philosophy, and important information regarding the animals themselves.

Many of the pages in this volume are from drawings done on location with no editing process involved. This reveals the thinking process, observations, and personal thoughts of the artist.

This inside look into the artist�s sketchbook is information that is of prime interest to other artists, art students, and art collectors. The beautiful imagery in this book will be a true inspiration for any one who enjoys fine art and animals.

Hardcover with exceptional quality printing...this book is a must!