The Animated Drawing Course on CD (1 LEFT)

The Animated Drawing Course (Book)
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The Animated Drawing Course IS ALSO KNOW AS
Designing Cartoon Characters for Animation vol. #2
and they are the same  (just the title on the cover is different)

This is on CD making it a digital book, with QuickTime examples, And video lectures as well.It is not a DVD.

*This is a must have CD for Animation Classes !
If you enjoyed the first book, you'll get even more from the second now on CD. Brian Lemay has some really great designs here that will inspire you to draw with more confidence. There is an instructional video to assist you.

This is definitely a CD you'll want to watch over and over again as you go through the process with Brian.

Easy to access chapters now makes it easier to get to the parts you want.

These are the topics covered in both the video and the CD:

  •  Basics of Perspective
  •  Spheres - Their Use in Head Structure
  •  Cross Contours
  •  Drawing Principles
  •  Structural Drawing
  •  Shape and Form
  •  Construction Drawing
  •  Line of Action
  •  Head Shapes
  •  Rotations
  •  Features of the Head
  •  Anchor Points
  •  Stereotypes