The Animator's Survival Kit Complete

The Animator's Survival Kit Complete
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The Animator's Survival Kit Complete

  • comes with the book by Richard Williams "The Animator's Survival Kit"

    New Expanded Edition
  • 1 Lightfoot Ltd Plastic Drawing-inking board without handle
  • with your choice of pegbars (Round or Acme)
  • 2 Red Col-erase pencils
  • 2 Blue Col-erase pencils
  • 1 Alvin Eraser
  • Tombo Drawing Pencils Shown Are NOT included. 
  • 1 x-tra Pegbar for scanning
  • 1 Full Ream of 10f bond paper (500 sheets) puched to match your pegbar

Every page of this book will inspire and motivate the creative child in every person who opens it.

The Drawings are wonderful with walk cycles, run cycles and more information

that you will get at most schools that spell out the full process.
If you are starting to draw or a teacher just setting up you classroom

this is the basic kit to get your students interested in the process of
drawing for animation and visual communication skills.