Back Light Unit (Florescent) 4 LEFT

Back Light Unit
SKU: SKU00185

Back Light Unit comes with:
16" x 18" stainless steel case with
2 - 15 watt florscent strip lights equal to about 150 watts of incondescent light
(strong enough light to go through 5 layers of paper easily)

Light box mounts to the back of drawing board that has a standard
16 1/2" hole cut through the drawing board. Leaves a 1/2" gap at the
top and bottom of your drawing surface for venting
the heat of the light out the back of the surface.

  • comes with 4 tabs (one at each corner) to mount to the back of the working surface easily
  • comes with 4 self tapping screws for mounting
  • on/off switch mounted on the box for easy access
  • 6' Heavy Duty Power Cord

30 watt - 110v only ...standard US Current ...will not work in other countries without a voltage converter.

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