Blank Flip Books

SKU: SKU00310

Lightfoot Ltd is now offering Blank Flip Books
for drawing traditional animation.
You can see your drawings move by holding your book in one hand
and allowing the pages to Flip in the order they were drawn

By slightly bending the book and allowing the pages to be released
you will see your drawings move at the rate you Flip.

Each Flip Book Pad has:
50 Blank Pages in each book/pad
5 x 6 ½ Portrait mode with gummed top edge

There is a Title Line on the Cover to keep track of your books
There is also a Artist/Name Line on the Cover to identify your books for others to admire

Books can be sub-divided into fewer pages by
Counting the pages needed and simply pulling them apart as a pad
Books can also be put back together or combined by using a Butterfly Clip
Or Large Metal Binder Clip ( I like these better)
You can purchase these clips from any office supply store

A Butterfly or Binder Clip can also be used to Add Pages for longer productions
Or to add security to the top edge for Flipping if you have
Pulled it apart or edited by taking out/or adding pages
Blank Flip Books are available in 3 paper weights to make it suit your drawing needs:
17 lb. 1.99 ea. allows you to see through each page easier to see the previous drawing
20 lb. 2.49 ea. paper allows for more opacity and is very practical for drawing
24 lb. 2.99 ea. paper is very smooth and erases easily. 24 lb allows for a little stiffer page for flipping easily

If you love to draw, order some for yourself, to get your family involved,
and more for your friends and classmates to teach them
the basics of movement and animation


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