It All Started In The Classroom

Animation was started by Mr. Lightfoot at the High School in 1994 as a club and quickly moved into a 7th period class with 80 students.

Mr. Lightfoot saw this as a school to career path for students in the schools and approached Disney Feature Animation with the concept in spring of 1996. Disney was eager to assist in starting the Animation Program in the California Public Schools. The foundation was laid for animation to be started in schools all accross the USA.

At the first meeting the ground work was laid to bring all of the District Administrators to Disney Studios to hear the plan for a pilot program that was established and implemented at all four high schools in the School District that fall where Mr. Lightfoot became  Animation Coordinator. There were 1000 + students enrolled in animation classes district wide.

In the summer of 1997 the new Animation Lab was constructed at the High School to service the 420 students per year that used these facilities. Animation was offered 6 periods per day and included two section of ROP and two sections of 7th period animation after school.

All of the equipment, software controller for the pencil testers, Animation Workstations, discs, and round hole peg-bars were designed, developed, and tested by Mr. Lightfoot in his home studio for use in the schools that add animation to their Art Department Curriculum.

Mr. Lightfoot conducted Animation workshops for instructors and ROP Coordinators in the State of California and Arizona who are putting together programs for their districts. Mr. Lightfoot spent his summers rewriting curriculum and lesson plans to keep them current with his expanding program. The curriculum, tools, and equipment that Mr. Lightfoot has developed for his program is being offered to other schools as a method of introducing animation without having to struggle as he did in the beginning.

The innovative and progressive equipment developed by Mr. Lightfoot has saved districts thousands of dollars already. Without these innovations other districts would not have been able to afford to add animation to their curriculum. Animation is now available in hundreds of public and private schools because of these inovations.

Mr. Lightfoot retired from the classroom in 2003 to run his two animation supply companies. But he is still constantly looking for cutting edge ideas to move education forward in ways that will be exciting and relevant for all who wish to explore the exciting world of Animation as a tool for visual communication through sequencial arts.

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