Intro to Lip Sync Part 2 DVD

Intro to Lip Sync Part 2 (DVD)
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Intro to Lip Sync Part 2 -
"Absolutely Incredible" DVD

This DVD is an continuation of the introduction to Character Lip Sync animation.

It's over 2 hours packed with information to help you create your own animation of a character saying the words "absolutely incredible".
This DVD covers the process you would follow when using a given sound track.

  • First we listen to a series of different tracks to hear inflections and character types.
  • Next Brian goes through the exposure sheet explaining the soundtrack breakdown.
  • About 1 hour of the DVD covers the process of rough animation, secondary action, and rough inbetweening.
  • The second section goes through the assistant animator's job of cleaning up the keys
  • (some very useful information on line quality here)
  • and then the clean up inbetweener's thought process as they inbetween the cleaned up keys.
  • The final section shows all the different stages in pencil test form talking about the difference between shooting animation on one's or two's
  • and taking the animation all the way to the final color stage with a background and the sound track synced to the animation.