*NEW DESIGN: Book/paper/drawing support (ONLY 5 LEFT)

SKU: SKU00018

Animation Equipment: Book/paper/drawing support that gets the drawing lessons up in front of you.

  • Fits all Pro 3/4" Thick Pro Drawing Lightboxs, Pro Easel Design Lightboxs and/or Full Table Pros
  • Attaches to the backside of the table top with screws provided
  • Durable clear 1/4" plexiglass that moves with the desk top as it is adjusted
  • Transparent to not obscure vision when not in use
  • Designed for all Pro Series PRO Workstations, Easel Design Pros & Full Table Pros
  • Works with both Student Pro Discs and Universal Pro Discs
  • Secures to the back of lid with five flathead screws provided
  • Gets those books and papers off of the table and up off the floor.
  • Increase your productivity by freeing up your hands
  • Holds lesson books, reference drawings, pencils, erasers and other tools

*NOTE* this is not a stand alone item...it only works by being attached to the Pro Animation WorkStation as shown in the picture or the Easel Design Pro or Full Table Pro Animation Lightboxes/Tables..

*This item is non returnable and non refundable...so order carefully.