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The classroom above showcases our Pro Animation Stations

Now every educational institution can afford to participate. From Lightboxes, Pencil Testers, and Paper Punches, Pegbars to Paper & Pencil, Lightfoot Ltd has been developing and providing top quality animation supplies for education and to the industry since 1996. The innovative equipment has changed the animation industry by making animation more affordable and accessible. 

Animation is no longer cartoons for kids…its visual communication that gives a voice to everyone who dares to speak out through moving images that transcend verbal language into the realm of global communication. Every child deserver to be heard and every voice has a story to tell. When will you allow your children to tell theirs? Lightfoot Ltd can assist you in giving your children a voice.

Animation is the most cross-curricular activity you will ever discover. Hook your students into learning through the art of storytelling. Every student loves to draw but not every student loves to write. By starting with what they love to do they will begin to integrate all aspects of the curriculum into their productions. From writing scripts, to calculating the frame rates need, to applying physical science to their characters movements… all students learn that it's all related to their successful storytelling. When they own it…they will do anything to improve it.

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