*Split Pack Pencil Kit w/Erasers

*Split Pack PENCIL KIT w/Erasers
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*Split Pack PENCIL KIT

  • 6  Red Col-Erase Pencils
  • 6 Blue Col-Erase Pencils
  • One Alvin Erase-Clear Eraser
  • 12 Pencil Cap Erasers
  • *Students use the Red for Construction Line
  • *Blue for Committed Lines, and trace-backs
  • before committing the line to Black or Graphite.
  • *Draw lightly with the blue line when doing your trace-back with light on
  • *Keep it light to make easy to work with your graphite pencil when doing the clean up process.
  • *Turn your light off when working with your graphite line over your light blue.

*NO Pegbar in this Kit....

Pencil kits make it easy to provide the basic tools for each student.

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