Frequently Asked Questions


Pegbars are used for "Registration". Which means that they keep the drawings lined up to each other so the drawings can be filmed in the same way they were drawn. This keeps the drawings from "chattering" on the screen or bouncing around. The Acme Pegs have a round peg in the center and two elongated pegs, one on each end. The Round Pegbar has 3 round posts that are 1/4" dia.  Even though they look differnent, they both do exactly the same thing. They register the drawings, one to another. Both are in use at many schools and studios. As an example, Disney Adventures in Los Angeles and in Hong Kong are useing the Round Pegbar but Disney Feature is using the Acme Pegbar. So it comes down to your preference. Remember to select your paper to be punched to match the pegbar type that you are using. Acme punched for Acme pegbars and Round punched for Round Pegbars.

The lowest profile backing on a pegbar is the best for scanning and shooting under a camera. That would be the Steel Pegbar which has a backing of 1/16". This comes in both Round and Acme.  The Aluminum pegbar has a backing of 1/8" and is still a lower profile than the plastic pegbars which have a backing of 1/4".

The "F" stands for "field". The field refers to what the camera will see when the page is shot under the camera. A field guide is used to mark the size of the shot. So When you order 10f size you are ordering a 8 1/2" x 11" size of paper. The 12f is 10 1/2" x 12 1/2" and a 16f is 12"x 17".


Schools and individuals can order from foreign countries by contacting us for a Proforma Invoice.

The invoice will include the list of items requested and the shipping amount for UPS.

This will not include any Customs  Duty or Tax that your country may impose on imports.

Once you accept the terms outlined in the Proforma Invoice we will provide you will the

infomation needed for you to do a wire transfer.

Once the transfer is varified as completed by our Bank we will ship your order.

Yes, we accept PO's from all schools in the USA.

We will set up your account based on your information on the PO.

Your PO must be signed by your Purchasing Department.

and may be faxed to (951) 693-5166 or emailed to:

We do not accept PO's from Non-Profits, Bussinesses, or Anyone outside the USA.

Yes, we take PayPal and all major credit cards

such as Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover Card.

You will find these options on our check out page.

We do not accept Credit Cards from outside the USA, Canada and Mexico

due to the high rate of credit card fraud in other parts of the world.

Foreign orders must contact us and make arrangements for a wire transfer

to complete their orders.